Canvas enclosures for boats are very popular on the ‘Wet’ coast and for Jean, quite essential as he lives aboard in False Creek.  He contacted A&M Marine and wanted an improvement on what he had as well as some way to help reduce the glare and heat  from the evening sun. We were able to get all the measurements we needed in one go and ended up with a great finished product. Some improvements we made:

  • Fully zipped aft panel for more secure, water-tight fit to side panels
  • Form-fitting pockets to make room for the large winches
  • Re-enforcement & wear patches using Top Gun
  • Sun screens using white heavy mesh screen on aft panel & forward plexi glass windows
Enclosure side winch pocket

Enclosure with side winch pocket and aft sun screen

Sun screens

Sun / Privacy screens on plexi glass windows


All said and done and Jean was very pleased with the job. We hope it gives him that extra liveable space for years to come!

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