Full cover for 37′ Monk McQueen

When AJ purchased this beautiful BC Built boat, he decided to get a full cover made and came to A&M Marine for advice.  We worked with him to decide what design would work best for his needs and ended up with a 4-piece cover.

He can leave the mid-section on year round – fully protecting the cabin – and add the bow and two stern pieces as needed. We went with Vista fabric for three important reasons:

Stern Section Monk McQueen Full cover

Stern Section of Monk McQueen full cover

1. Breathability: Being a wooden boat, we wanted to ensure breathability yet have maximum water resistance. Vista provides this but for extra assurance we included two vents in the forward section and a further two in the aft section.

2. Durability: Vista provides great durability for this sort of application. Where normal Sunbrella would chafe easily, Vista holds up better with its coated underside. We put TopGun wear patches in high-chafe areas as needed.

3. Weight: Vista is on the lighter side when it comes to marine fabrics yet still has great tear strength. This allows one person to easily manage removal and installation of the cover.

The end result is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable full boat cover that is easy to install using a few zippers and snaps around the rub rail. AJ was very pleased and now his boat is protected from the elements. Thanks AJ for working with A&M Marine. We hope you enjoy your new boat and look forward to seeing you out on the water!

The team @ A&M Marine

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