Sail Alterations

We now offer sail alterations out of our North Vancouver location. Our most popular jobs include converting for roller furling, changing main sails to loose-footed, adding/removing volume in Spinnakers and Genoas. We also work with Leitch & McBride North Vancouver to provide new sails to our customers.

Why Sail Alteration?

  • Furling systems are vastly improved and you can convert your current foresail
  • Often excess sail inventory can be put to better use
  • Loose-footed mains are easier to rig/de-rig and reef
  • Altering is more economical than buying a new sail

Things to consider when altering a sail:

  • What gauge tape does your furling track use?
  • If increasing area, is there enough room within your rigging?
  • Do you want additional reefs?
  • Is the sail worth altering or would money be better spent on a new sail?
  • Is the change reducing your sail inventory?

We use top-quality sail cloth in a variety of weights and types including:

  • Dacron and UV Dacron
  • Carbon Fibre and/or Kevlar Laminated racing cloth
  • Ripstop Nylon for spinnakers & other lightweight sails

For more information on materials including fabric types and colours see the Materials section here.

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Sail Repair & Maintenance
We now offer sail repair out of our North Vancouver location including UV replacement on furling sails. Other common repair jobs include re-webbing slides, re-stitching, patching tears and holes and strengthening clew and tack hardware