Tender, Canoe & Kayak Covers

Tender, Canoe and Kayak covers are used to store and protect your personal watercraft when not in use. They can be fitted or bag-type covers and often have handles to aid in launching or transporting.

Why Tender, Canoe or Kayak Covers?

  • Avoid constant bailing out of your tender when it’s at the dock
  • Protect your canoe/kayak when in transport or storage
  • Make carrying your canoe/kayak easier with straps & handles

Things to consider when getting a cover for your tender, canoe or kayak include:

  • How will the cover be attached?
  • Will it be left on when in transport?
  • Do you want it watertight or do you need airflow?
  • Do you want handles for lifting/launching?

When constructing covers we use top-notch materials from our most trusted suppliers. This can include:

  • Fabrics: Sunbrella, Top Gun or other marine fabrics
  • Zippers, UV thread, Other fasteners

For more information on materials including fabric types and colours see the Materials section here.