Stacker Boathouse Doors

A Stacker Boathouse Door is one which is usually secured by guide wires on all the sides that help fold the fabric on top of itself as the door opens and closes.

Why a Stacker Boathouse Door?

  • Sides secured with guy wires
  • Less breeze will get through

Things to consider when choosing a boathouse door include:

  • How much headroom is there in the boathouse?
  • Do you want a manual or automatic boathouse door?
  • How secure does your boathouse need to be?
  • Do you want windows in your door?

Our boathouse doors will generally use:

  • Sunbrella canvas and a variety of fasteners
  • Remote-controlled motorized openers

For more information on materials including fabrics and colours see the Materials section here.

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Boathouse Door which sides are not attached and rolls the fabric as the door as it opens. The Roll-Up Boathouse Door requires less headroom than other boathouse doors