Safari Top

A Safari Top is zipped on to the back of a dodger or bimini and is supported by lines and battens instead of the traditional stainless steel frame.

Why a Safari Top?

  • Provide further shelter from wind, sun and spray
  • Simple to remove
  • Costs less than a Bimini

When choosing a Safari Top, things to consider include:

  • What will the top attach to and with what fasteners?
  • Do you want any windows/skylights?
  • Do you want panels and doors on the sides?
  • Do you want a curtain on the back?

When constructing a canvas top, we use top-notch materials from our most trusted suppliers. This can include:

  • Fabrics: Sunbrella, Top Gun or other marine fabrics
  • Bars: Polished Stainless Steel (Aluminum is available on request)
  • Zippers, UV thread, Other fasteners

For more information on materials including fabric types and colours see the Materials section here.

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